SBS Security Solutions we utilise general purpose security dogs and NASDU or BIPDT trained dog handlers who work within the law to provide an effective deterrent and proactive response; in fact, the two skills we look for in our security dog teams over and above all others are tracking (the ability to detect and track an intruder in the wind), and handler protection (allowing the handler to carry out his task, and only intervening when the handler is under threat). We utilise experienced security professionals who were already skilled prior to becoming dog handlers; the dog is an effective tool, not the driving force.
In addition to our dogs and training, dog handlers working with SBS Security Solutions will utilise a professionally equipped kennel van with provision for both dogs and handlers.
SBS Security Solutions have a team of professional dog handlers and their dogs available to our clients. Like all security, there's no one-size-fits-all approach to dog teams. The "look", the "sound" and the skill set of each dog and handler will be matched to the tasking all dog handlers are .

Security Guard with Dog